Tactics and Tools

1. Key Messages

Define the key messages and the tone of the messagesTactics & Tools

  • What is the key message or killer facts that is likely to influence the target audience?
  • Are there any factual, emotional, visual or aural triggers that are likely to influence the target audience?
  • What insights do we have about the audience reaction to the key messages?
  • Are there any branding or corporate messaging considerations?

2. Communication Channels

Define channels, media and tactics required to deliver the message to the audience

  • How will the messages be delivered?
  • What media channels, products, tools and arrangements are required deliver the communication?
    • Advertising?
    • Public Relations and Media?
    • Websites, e-marketing and Social Media?
    • Promotions and events?
    • Direct marketing?
  • What communication channels best suits the target audience?

3. Issues and Implications

Define the risks, issues, constraints and other factors that could affect the delivery of the communication

  • Are there any mechanisms, processes, structures alliances, authorisations or scheduling requirements that are needed for successful delivery?
  • Are there any risks, constraints and other factors that affect the delivery of the communication?
  • What approvals and endorsements are required and when?

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