Alius Communication is experienced in developing and executing surveys and questionnaires to collect facts, figures and opinions.

Alius Communication can design, execute and host online surveys. This includes analysing the data and preparing reports and presentations on the survey results.

Alius Communication can develop and run online surveys to research:

  • Customer satisfaction and feedback
  • Staff and employee opinions
  • Website visitor feedback
  • Customer needs
  • Target markets
  • Market testing of products and services
  • Business partner and supplier views
  • Process and systems change consultations
  • Market testing of campaigns and marketing materials
  • Campaign tracking and evaluation
  • Sales and service performance.

Business Communication Survey
Please try our Business Communication Survey. This survey asks questions about your business communication needs and challenges.

It does not collect personal, business or contact details. Survey respondents and responses will remain anonymous. No business or personnel can be identified by the information provided to this survey.

It should take less than 10 minutes to complete all questions.

Click on this link: