Facilitation & Training

Alius Communication is experienced in facilitating a range of stakeholder and audience consultations, training, investigations and engagement assignments.

Alius Communication can provide facilitation of:

  • Business, operations and project planning workshops
  • Stakeholder and audience consultations
  • Marketing and proposals strategy development
  • Workplace change and staff consultations
  • Work process and systems change consultations and training
  • IT systems and applications training
  • Content planning and development
  • Campaign scoping and research
  • Project scoping and research
  • Issues and policy scoping investigations
  • Evaluation and review investigations.

Stakeholder and audience engagement can reduce risks by gaining insights into:

  • Attitudes, motivations and behaviours
  • Appropriate communication and influencing channels and messages
  • Priorities, challenges and risks.
  • Stakeholder and audience engagement can also facilitate:
  • Involvement, understanding, support and commitment
  • Collective understanding of directions, priorities, challenges and risks
  • Opportunities to address concerns, resolve misunderstandings, gain collaboration and improve relationships.