Execution and Delivery

1. Resources

Define the resources required to deliver communication activitiesComms Pentagon Execution

  • What internal resources are required?
  • What specialist resources are required?
  • What skills and capabilities are required?
  • What communication materials are required?

2. Schedules

Define timelines and schedules for specific communication activities

  • What needs to be delivered by when?
  • What are the key milestones and when should they occur?
  • What other factors, dates and events do the communication activities need to co-ordinate with?
  • When are approvals and endorsements required?
  • Can the activities be staged or split into different phases?

3. Budgets

Define the costs of communication activities

  • How much will the proposed communication activities cost?
  • What are the budget and financial limitations?
  • Will expenditure be split into different stages and phases?
  • Is expenditure dependant upon any sales, income or other performance targets?
  • Are there any in-kind, sponsored or free contributions that may cover any communication expenses?

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