Salesforce Training

Salesforce training development

Salesforce logo - multi colorAlius Communication has over the past three years developed and delivered over 30 different training modules for based applications including:

  • Introduction and basic functions
  • Managing client and stakeholder contact information
  • Managing client engagement activities and business intelligence
  • Processing and managing opportunities, programs and projects.
  • Managing campaign lists and mass communications functions
  • Specialised Salesforce add-on Apps.
  • Collaborating and communicating using Chatter and feeds.
  • Customised Salesforce Community applications and functions
  • Power-user, super-user and advanced functions
  • Creating, running and customising Reports, Dashboards and analytics.

Alius Communication has developed Participant Workbooks, Facilitator Presentations, Facilitator Guides and e-learning materials.

Salesforce training delivery

Alius Communication has facilitated some 30 workshop modules to over 2,000 participants ranging from new to advanced users. Alius Communication has delivered over 350 face-to-face class-room sessions, workshops and coaching sessions across a broad range of functions, covering the use of the browser based application, the mobile application Salesforce1 for smart phones and tablets and the Chatter Desktop application. Alius Communication has also delivered train-the-trainer sessions of a range of customised Salesforce applications.