Managing Consultant

Our Managing Consultant

Roger Pierotti is the managing consultant at Alius Communication. He is a communications practitioner and project manager with broad experience in social marketing, reputation & issues management, brand & organisational positioning, policy development, program implementation and organisational transformation.

Roger’s experience in communication and influencing change spans some 20 years ranging from providing one to one advisory services to clients, managing advertising and public relations campaigns, through to facilitating business transformation projects.

An analyst experienced in a range of complex issues including corporate and business strategies, regulatory frameworks, stakeholder relations and communications strategies, Roger has the ability to align marketing and communications activities with corporate, business and policy objectives, functions and processes.

Roger is an experienced manager of programs and projects to various consumer, industry and government audiences and in various contexts. This includes environmental and energy sustainability, preventative health, community development, building development and regulatory contexts.

Having extensive experience working with clients and stakeholders to define project briefs and deliver appropriate outcomes, Roger is good at listening and asking questions to extract needs and motives for defining objectives and expectations.

Experienced in assessing stakeholder positions and policy implications, contextual and environmental scanning and risk profiling, Roger has strong program logic skills with the ability to synthesise solutions and implementation strategies.

Roger has considerable experience working with a range of senior representatives from government, industry, community groups and professional associations, as well as participating on numerous senior level committees, working parties and advisory groups.