Facilitation Projects

Training and coaching

  • Delivery of multiple training modules for a Salesforce.com based Client Relationship Management (CRM) system.
  • Training operational staff on a new client, rental and asset management system.
  • Training public sector staff and managers on a new performance management system.
  • Training of project participants on project processes, communication methods and key messages.Training of project participants on process mapping and process documentation standards.

Workshop facilitation

  • Workshop facilitation and coaching to develop proposal strategies and key themes for various major infrastructure projects.
  • Workshop facilitation and coaching to develop content for various infrastructure project proposals.
  • Workshop facilitation and stakeholder consultations to identify communication needs and challenges to develop a range of communications strategies.

Stakeholder engagement and consultation

  • Consultation with project participants to identify project challenges, difficulties and documentation methods.
  • Stakeholder consultation to identify needs and content for various documentation projects.
  • Stakeholder consultation to identify current and proposed processes for various change projects.
  • Consultation with project participants to identify content for project reports, newsletters, bulletins, case studies, and personnel profiles.
  • Audience consultation to identify attitudes, issues, needs and challenges for various change and marketing projects.