Communication and Marketing Projects


  • Customer Contact Centre Request for Proposal documentation for an energy retailer.
  • Communication strategy, communication tools, templates and instructional guides to raise the profile and improve audience engagement of a government business unit.
  • Several proposal strategies for a rail infrastructure tender submissions and provided proposal coaching services to a various major construction consortiums.
  • Communication strategy and communication resources for the release of a new Service Oriented Architecture IT platform for a major telecommunications business.
  • Proposal strategy for a data centre development and provided proposal coaching services to a major construction firm.
  • Communication strategy for a business continuity (IT) project for a major transport infrastructure business

Campaigns, tools and execution

  • Designed and executed direct marketing and email campaigns to service businesses and community agencies.
  • Synthesised a Divisional Priorities Plan for a government department, including creating solutions to present executive workshop outputs and communicating behaviour change messages to divisional staff, managers and executives.
  • Created animated presentation materials and information sheets for a government department-wide Business Intelligence (IT) project.
  • Developed animated presentation materials for a national business intelligence conference.
  • Strategic communications advice and tactical execution services regarding the launch and implementation of a new directions project for a state judicial institution.